Buqa Couture by Florence Raja


Buqa Couture specialises in luxury formal wear and caters for a discerning clientele who seek exclusively crafted garments with a distinguished design as part of the slow/sustainable fashion movement. We cater to the client whose outlook is refreshingly European and modern and we also uniquely cater to clients seeking the traditional grandeur of Cultural/Ethnic wear. We believe Buqa Couture to potentially be the world’s first multicultural brand that promotes European and Ethnic wear on a platform side by side. Our believe is that fashion should be inclusive and humane and that style is not fashion of the moment but rather timeless elegance that endures eternally or at least for a lifetime.

Buqa Couture produces European suits, dresses and evening gowns. We additionally create Asian Salwar Kameez, Anarkali Salwar Suits/Dresses, Lenghas, Kurtis, Sarees as well as European/Asian combined fusion dress. We have also in the past expanded to Russian and African cultural bespoke garments as well as other cultural dress. These garments are made bespoke for our clients.

We have collections that are part of our slow fashion movement and alongside this we have collections that are part of the sustainable fashion movement.

Buqa Couture produces very small sample collections of European and Asian wear to showcase/as an example our craftsmanship. Our collections are also kept small due to our slow/sustainable fashion ethos of “no large stock no waste”. We can however create additional garments on demand.

Each piece is designed with you in mind and handcrafted ethically by an atelier in London or our artisans abroad working in supportive and ethical conditions often utilising archive or sustainable fabrics.

Our specialty however is Buqa Couture’s Bespoke Service which is a made to measure "created solely for you" offering which delivers the design of your imagination for your special occasion or formal event. The magic of wearing something designed and crafted solely to your taste and shape is unparalleled power dressing.

By implementing the excellence of bespoke design and Buqa Couture craftsmanship we, at Buqa Couture, produce one off contemporary pieces which will turn heads and make you dazzle at your special occasion or formal event. We bring you couture magic at designer prices. Bespoke garments by Buqa Couture allow you to create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

Our Social Story

Buqa Couture is a luxury ethical fashion brand based in London. Buqa Couture produces ethical/slow fashion and are part of the sustainable/slow fashion and the empowerment of women global initiative. Over the last 2 years Buqa Couture has gained international clientele as a luxury fashion brand with a social conscience.

Buqa Couture London was born out of a desire to design and produce beautiful European and Ethnic wear formal garments that empower and inspire the International women who wear them, whilst being committed to raising awareness of the plight of women, men and children trapped by “in work poverty” in inhumane/unsafe conditions and underpaid within the fashion industry. By supporting us on our journey you are impacting a wonderful change somewhere else in the world.

Our mission is not only for women to enjoy Buqa Couture as a British fashion brand, but we also feel passionately about helping to provide employment and empowerment projects to women abroad. One project we have partnered with is SHE (Self Help Enterprise), which offers employment to women who can become trapped in India's sex trade or have little power within their community. These women are empowered via their embroidery craftsmanship and with access provided to trade. As we expand we hope to partner with many similar NGO/charities in the future across the whole world.

Buqa Life/Couture has a clear goal of supporting projects and initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods for women. We hosted a sustainable fashion awareness event at Portcullis House, Parliament in September 2014 with key speakers from the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) and other members of the ethical fashion movement.

Buqa Couture is proud to be part of a movement of companies developing better business practices, working with dignity and purpose to drive social change and using sustainable business as a force for good.

Please refer to The Guardian Article below for further details of the scale of our work:

TheGaurdian.com - How the fashion industry can empower women in South Asia