Letter from the Founder

To All the Dear Women Out there,

To each and every one of you - Hello. For those that I have not had the pleasure of your acquaintance I look forward to meeting you. Mothers, daughters, wives, females, half of this world- yes that’s us!

I am the CEO, the Chief Eternal Optimist of Buqa. Several years ago I dreamed of creating a lifestyle brand that inspirational women of today could relate to. I wanted a lifestyle company that was genuine and ethical and spoke to and provided women with slow/sustainable fashion as well as a network in which women could unleash the uniqueness of who we are. I dreamed of creating timeless clothing which is not a slave to fast fashion but rather a collection that celebrates quality, artisan craftsmanship, to be worn and treasured for many years. Beautiful (often bespoke) garments which are not produced using another human being’s disadvantage in life and with a focus on ethical values and intellectual elegance.

I absolutely believe that there are no rules and that you can make anything happen. If it hasn’t been done before or not there in your life – “go and create it yourself” is my motto. As an entrepreneur, campaigner and mother this is a mantra I have lived by all my life. I have to admit it has been a rollercoaster ride building this. I’ve worked many a night cradling my baby in my arms at 3am, 4am, 5am in one arm, balancing my laptop on my knees and typing with one hand and continued working on the business when I was also cradling baby number 2 in my arms a few years later. I am sure many of you have had similar experiences in your own lives - juggling the many things us women do! So come let’s share these stories and experiences.

It’s funny how I knew this was where I was meant to be even when I was a little girl but then life happens and you get side tracked. But I am finally here, home and where I actually was many years ago - returned to myself. I have focused on taking snippets of life lessons, skills and pieces of knowledge that I have learnt in the corporate world and my life and have mobilised it for this new and unique venture. Bringing commerce, culture, fashion, charity, stories and intellect together, my focus is not to build a corporate brand but rather to offer you a genuine company that you can relate to and inspiring stories to assist you in your own journey.

Of mixed parentage, born in West Africa and then raised in Russia, Ukraine and the UK, I initially worked in the City for approximately ten years before leaving to set up Buqa. Did I mention, I married a wonderful Indian-British man also ? This international background and exposure both personally and professionally inspired me to create a brand which is all inclusive. You will see women and clothes of multiple cultures featuring side by side on the web pages to follow. There are few (if in fact no) websites, magazines, brands which feature Europeans, Africans, Asians and other cultures in one place shoulder to shoulder. I think it is time for that change and time for that fusion.

So finally here it is; the launch of our e-commerce business and philanthropic network; Buqa. Buqa has two divisions Buqa Couture (the fashion) and Buqa Woman (the network). Every decision, from the choice of inspiring profiles, to the designing of the collection to the way we approached every story and subject has been embarked on to create something beautiful to discover more about all that inspires you; every aspect comes from thinking about what the incredible woman of today - YOU, is looking for.

One moment of building this brand really stayed with me - the photo-shoot. When the models, Buqa ambassadors and friends all looked equally chic in the garments - I thought to myself “wow I have really hit the nail on the head with this new small collection if it suits all of them.” I came to realise however that the ladies; models and non-models alike had such strength that it didn’t matter what they were wearing at the end of the day. It looked like the garments belonged to them and that they were not modelling. They were emanating their own inner beauty and grace. Which is what Buqa stands for since elegance is an attitude and we want to bring to the woman only the access to slow/sustainable/smart /ethical fashion which will enhance the beauty our clients already possess within.

London is a beautiful melting pot for so many ideas and cultures and you will see this mix in the European and ethnic clothes we offer. Albeit if you are looking for something exclusive to your occasion/culture we also offer Buqa Bespoke. Our collection is not only responsibly produced – we have gone a step further. We also offer an additional collection in which the proceeds go back to sponsoring a women’s NGO. The aim of the NGO is to provide help to poverty stricken women abroad through independent work and skills rather than dependent charity hand-outs. Have you ever given several hundreds of pounds to charity? Neither have I! But you are about to through a purchase you can make.

Continuing on the subject of the melting pot of ideas and culture, I have a love of bringing people together around interesting ideas and I hope to see you at future Buqa Women’s Network event which will be for Bonding, Understanding, Questioning and Answering – what more can be done? What more can we do to progress women; girls/boys education, women’s welfare, women’s ideas and women’s future globally!? Through our Buqa Women’s Network, events, articles and charity we will be tackling exciting subjects and projects. I hope you will be inspired to do more after reading our articles and attending our events in the future.

With this in mind, I wish you a successful, inspiring and game changing 2018 and hope you enjoy the stories, the clothes and the inspirational women that grace the website in the coming months. I look forward to welcoming you at future events and the on-going instalments of our exciting journey.

Please enjoy and join the Buqa Woman , Buqa Couture, Buqa Life movement.

Warm regards,