The Duchess Pearl Lengha

Our 2 outfits in 1- multi product.

Inspired by the fusion of European and Asian Couture concepts, this Lengha embodies elegance with the use of delicate beadwork and embraces the love of colour with a more vibrant skirt.

Blouse 1 
Inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge, this stunning powder pink blouse features an astounding level of hand sewn shimmery beading which will make you stand out and dazzle amongst the colourful apparel of your guests. The beading is handcrafted onto blush pink silk chiffon and has additional sparkle with medium and large elegant diamantes scattered across the blouse. The blouse is trimmed with hand sewn pearl work which brings a unique European touch to an otherwise traditional Asian garment.

Skirt 1
The Duchess of Cambridge Lengha Skirt is featured in a beautiful bright pink/orange couture silk with heavy pearls hand sewn embellished across the waistline and gold net along the hemline. Understated and yet ornate/rich at the same time.


Skirt and Blouse 2
The skirt is multi layered as part of our unique multi product offering where the top pink layer comes off to reveal a stunning pearl encrusted separate skirt in ivory. Which can be worn on its own (very suitable for civil weddings). The ivory underskirt is accompanied by a plain gold blouse or a plain blouse in any choice of colour you would prefer.

Dazzling Gold net/lace Dupatta matching the gold net/lace details on the skirt.


Each lengha is made bespoke to your measurements by our atelier and slight design alterations relative to your size and shape are readily offered and available (i.e. longer sleeves or varying necklines/backs). Lenghas suitable for non bridal use. Also suitable for guests.


Please email to book your bespoke measurements appointment and to place your order. Additional pictures of garments can be provided.